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Norton Security Scan 4.3

Norton Security Scan is a protection solution scanning your system for threats
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Norton Security Scan is another one of those applications that are good for identifying threat, but not as good as dealing with it. Though, I guess, this was the general idea when it was made.
The program does exactly what the title says. It scans your system and identifies various threats. Malware, spyware, some suspicious-looking programs that could be even more dangerous, unprotected hubs, etc. Nothing really special, but Norton Security Scan is very, very thorough. It may be a bit slow at times, but not because it eats up your memory and processing speed. Actually, it's quite light, both installation file and the application itself. I like my apps small and useful, and while the range of Norton Security Scan functions is limited, it's good at what it does. The program can run as a background process without interrupting anything you might be doing, which is another plus in my book. And it really easy to use: a couple of clicks pushing the big buttons saying exactly what to do, and you can just forget all about this thing while it does its job.
All in all, Norton Security Scan is good enough to try it out.

James Lynch
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  • Thorough scan
  • Not demanding on the system


  • A bit slow
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