Norton Security Scan

Norton Security Scan votes

Scans your computer and lets you know if virus or malwares are present
Shohom — 7 years ago
Guest — 8 years ago
very good scanner
Guest — 8 years ago
The worst
Guest — 8 years ago
very nice
James N — 8 years ago
Useless, better choices for free, just one step ahead from a scareware
Guest — 8 years ago
It's a great product
Sundaram — 8 years ago
Still rated as a resource hunger program.
uchiha itachi — 8 years ago
SREENIVAS — 8 years ago
it's best
titas — 9 years ago
not bad
Lana — 9 years ago
It makes your computer run slow.
Guest — 9 years ago
Very good,quickly......
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