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Norton Security Scan 1.4

Norton Security Scan is a free security check tool from Symantec
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Norton Security Scan is a free security check tool from Symantec. This is not an anti-virus solution and will definitely not help you maintain your system any more secure than it was without it. In other words, the solely fact that this program is running on your computer won't do anything about viruses you download or on-line threats you have been in contact with. All this program does is check your files, running processes, boot sectors and other parts of your hard drive and look for virus, adware, sypware, on-line threats, and so on. Perhaps the only advantage this program has to offer is that it is free. Don't get me wrong, I love that it is free. It just doesn't do anything. The way I like to see it, this application warns you when you have a virus so that you can go and spend some money and get a real security solution, like Norton 360, for example. It is somewhat a marketing strategy. The program will run smoothly and detect most viruses through its on-line database. It will not interfere with any other security solutions installed, which is really an advantage. So if you just want to see how many viruses your computer is growing, this is the tool to get. Now, if you want to do something about it, well... there are many other solutions out there.

José Fernández
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  • It's free
  • It's quick to set up
  • It detects most threats


  • It does nothing about security threats
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